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Table 3 Effects of ACDEP extension programmes on yield, farm and household income

From: Agricultural extension and its effects on farm productivity and income: insight from Northern Ghana

Outcome variable Regression on covariates Regression on propensity score Heckman treatment effects
Coefficient SE Coefficient SE Coefficient SE
Maize yield (kg/ha) 0.011 0.039 0.012 0.040 0.113a 0.018
Maize farm income (total sales in GH¢/ha) 0.135 0.120 0.113c 0.063 1.113a 0.192
Total household income (GH¢) 0.361a 0.038 0.233a 0.043 0.853a 0.153
Total household income per capita 0.347a 0.043 0.216a 0.048 1.104a 0.194
  1. a,b,cdenote 1, 5 and 10% significance levels, respectively. SE denotes standard errors