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Table 8 Supplementary feed utilized for fattening

From: Small ruminant fattening practices in Amhara region, Ethiopia

No. Zones Feed resources and ingredients
1 West Gojjam Grass, straw, crop residue, surplus kitchen food, Frusika, Fagulo, Atela (Birinte), salt
2 North Gondar Frushica, Mashila, Fagulo, salt, surplus kitchen food, corn, grinded meal by-product (Yewofcho Tiragi), salt, Dashen brewery by-product
3 South Gondar Crop residue, leaves, fodder trees, urea-treated feed, salt
4 South Wollo Alfalfa, Susbania, pigeon pea (Ye-ergib Ater), straw, salt, grinded meal by-product (Yewofcho Tiragi), straw, Fagulo, Frushica and Tree Lucerne
5 North Showa Frushica, salt, local brewery by-product (Atela), Vetch, grinded bean, bean bran, lentil bran, barley bran, Fagulo, wilted and grinded Germia, straw, salt, grinded barley, salt, wilted bean, wilted Gerima