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Table 3 Mean mineral levels of seven fodder tree species

From: Nutritive values of seven high priority indigenous fodder tree species in pastoral and agro-pastoral areas in Eastern Ethiopia

Tree species Macro-mineral (ppm) Micro-mineral (ppm)
P K Ca Mg Mn Cu Fe* Zn
A. nilotica 1139a 8938a 35,159a 2976a 81a 2a 319 3a
A. tortilis 987a 11,625ab 58,920b 4574be 90a 0a 457 4a
B. discolor 1099a 17,425c 48,452ab 6260c 43a 0a 218 21a
C. sinensis 1812b 18,375c 77,380d 4697be 78a 0a 269 9a
D. glabra 1070a 13,354b 78,351d 12,022f 1415b 11b 230 27a
T. indica 1673b 6700a 50,315bc 5467bc 81a 28c 1075 26a
Z. spina-christi 2238c 18,833c 34,904a 4083ae 67a 23c 327 62b
Mean 1433 13,684 55,053 5719 275 9 402 22
SE 55.7 594.7 2249.7 334.6 55.7 1.3 79.3 3.0
  1. SE standard error of the overall mean for each parameter; Means in same column with different superscript are significantly different P < 0.05. * ANOVA did not reveal significant differences among the species in iron content