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Table 1 Description of variables used in the model

From: Determinants of livelihood diversification strategies in Eastern Tigray Region of Ethiopia

Choices (j) Livelihood diversification strategies
j = 1, ON On-farm alone
j = 2, ON + OFF On-farm + off-farm
j = 3, ON + NF On-farm + non-farm
j = 4, ON + OFF + NF On-farm + off-farm + non-farm
Variables Description and unit of measurement Expected sign
SEX Binary, 1 if the head is male and 0 if female +/−
AGE Continuous, age of household head in years +
EDUCATION Categorical, education level of household head in years +
FAMILYSIZE Continuous, family size of the household in adult equivalent +
INCOME Continuous, annual income of the household head in ETB +
DEPENDANT Continuous, family members < 15 > 64 old age in adult equivalent
LANDSIZE Continuous, land size holding of the household in hectare +
IRRIGATION Binary, 1 if head has access to irrigation and 0 otherwise +
INPUTUSE Binary, 1 if head has access to agricultural inputs and 0 otherwise +
EXTENSION Binary, 1 if head has access to extension services and 0 otherwise +
COOPRMEM Binary, 1 if head has access to formal cooperatives and 0 otherwise +
REMITANCE Binary, 1 if head has access to economic support and 0 otherwise +
CREDIT Binary, 1 head has access to credit and 0 otherwise +
DISTANCE Continuous, distance to market in km
LIVESTK Continuous, total livestock ownership in tropical Livestock unit (TLU) +
WEALTH Categorical, 1 if better off, 2 if less poor and 3 if poor +