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Table 1 Description of explanatory variables and their measurement

From: Factors affecting adoption of upland rice in Tselemti district, northern Ethiopia

Variables Type Measurement
Sex of household head Dummy 1 male, 0 female
Age of households head Continuous Age in years
Level of education Categorical 1. Illiterate, 2. Read and write, 3. Primary school, 4. Secondary school and 5. College
Farm size Continuous Size of land under cultivation (ha)
Annual farm income Continuous Annual farm income earned (Ethiopian Birr)
Access to credit Dummy 1 if the farmers has access to credit, 0 otherwise
Livestock ownership Continuous Number of livestock owned in TLU
Labor availability Continuous Family members in adult equivalent
Market distance Continuous Distance to market in Kilometer
Off-farm income Dummy 1 engagement in off-farm income activities, 0 otherwise
Perception on rice yield Dummy 1 if the farmer perceives rice has better yield than other crops, 0 otherwise
Contact with extension agents Dummy 1 if the farmer has contact with extension agents, 0 otherwise
Participation in field day Dummy 1 if the farmer has participated in field days, 0 otherwise
Participation in training Dummy 1 if the farmer has participated in training, 0 otherwise