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Table 3 Interaction effect of sowing time and insecticide application frequency on A. catalaunalis infestations

From: Sesame sowing date and insecticide application frequency to control sesame webworm Antigastra catalaunalis (Duponchel) in Humera, Northern Ethiopia

Treatments INC (%) FD (%) CD (%) SL (%) GY (kg/ha)
Early sowing
 FO 95.88hi 32.11cd 31.61b-e 76.59de 217.4c
 F1 81.94ghi 29.7cd 22.59b 69.18cde 310de
 F2 20.1ab 10.89ab 10.56a 34.5ab 539.6h
 F3 24.12ab 24.07bcd 12.44a 38.09bc 534.5h
 F4 23.06ab 10.59ab 11.76a 39.6bc 581h
 F10 8.79a 5.59a 4.85a 7.49a 651i
 FO 99.27i 36.59de 38.12cde 91.46e 154.9b
 F1 78.67ghi 33.29cd 38.99de 33.86ab 260cd
 F2 36.31bcd 25.97cd 29.58bcd 58.93bcd 391.1fg
 F3 27.49abc 25.43cd 27.16b 41.48bc 368.6efg
 F4 30.99abc 20.38bc 32.01b-e 41.81bc 422.9g
 F10 19.5ab 19.61bc 31.74b-e 32.01ab 536.6h
Late sowing
 FO 100i 50.6f 49.48f 93.86e 69.1a
 F1 91.59ghi 48.25ef 40.87ef 75.86de 148.6b
 F2 73.56fgh 27.72cd 30.01bcd 63.64b-e 366.9efg
 F3 54.61def 37.2de 38.27de 57.06bcd 385.4fg
 F4 70.27efg 22.8bcd 32.69b-e 40.49bc 330.7ef
 F10 50cde 31.26cd 27.63bc 50.54bcd 405.9g
SE (±) 12.993 7.523 5.507 16.471 34.569
CV (%) 23.7 27.5 19.4 31.3 9.3
  1. Means followed by same letter are significantly not different, INC = percent of A. catalaunalis incidence per plant, FD = percent of flower damage per plant, CD = percent of capsule damage per plant, SL = % off seed loss per damaged capsule, GY = grain yield