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Table 3 Effect of planting dates on onion seed yield and quality parameters at Jari northeastern Ethiopia

From: Effect of planting time on growth, yield components, seed yield and quality of onion (Allium cepa L.) at Tehuledere district, northeastern Ethiopia

Planting time Umbel diameter (cm) No. of seed/umbel 1000-seed weight (g) Seed yield/plant (g) Seed yield kg/ha Germination percentage
Sept 1st 5.8a 533.3a 3.6a 10.0a 1032.7a 94.3a
Sept 16th 5.3ab 395.2b 3.6a 5.5b 652.3b 71.0b
Oct 1st 5.2ab 351.9b 2.9b 4.9bc 691.5b 50.3c
Oct 16th 4.7bc 218.4c 2.9b 4.4c 552.5c 50.7c
Oct 31st 4.4bc 107.5d 2.4 cd 0.8e 102.2e 25.0e
Nov 15th 5.0abc 60.2e 2.2d 0.4e 37.4e 18.0f
Nov 30th 4.8bc 153.0d 2.7bc 2.1d 280.8d 39.0d
Dec 15th 4.3c 59.4e 2.4 cd 0.5e 57.4e 15.3f
Dec 30th 3.3d 47.4e 2.3 cd 0.3e 29.7e 21.7e
Mean 4.8 214.0 2.8 3.2 381.8 42.8
LSD (5%) 0.9 45.88 0.4 0.6 73.7 6.1
CV (%) 10.9 12.38 8.9 10.9 11.2 8.3
  1. Means followed by the same letter within a column are not significantly different at 5% probability level