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Table 2 Effect of planting time on growth and phonological parameters of onion at Jari northeastern Ethiopia

From: Effect of planting time on growth, yield components, seed yield and quality of onion (Allium cepa L.) at Tehuledere district, northeastern Ethiopia

Planting time Plant height (cm) No. of leaves/plant No. of scape/plant Scape diameter (cm) Scape height (cm) Days to 50% flowering Days to 50% maturity
Sept 1st 82.6a 46.7a 6.3a 1.48a 72.5a 79.3abc 130.2b
Sept 16th 80.9a 54.4a 5.0bc 1.25b 70.4a 80.7ab 132.8a
Oct 1st 80.1ab 46.5a 4.7 cd 0.88e 69.8a 77.3 cd 129.0b
Oct 16th 77.7ab 25.3b 5.9ab 0.99d 64.7a 58.7e 129.6b
Oct 31st 72.5abcd 27.3b 4.0de 1.12c 69.5a 68.0d 124.0d
Nov 15th 69.5bcd 31.9b 3.5ef 0.72f 64.7a 60.7e 126.7c
Nov 30th 76.2abc 14.6c 4.8 cd 0.72f 55.3b 81.0ab 120.3e
Dec 15th 65.3 cd 15.4c 2.7f 0.61 g 53.4b 73.2 cd 120.0e
Dec 30th 61.8d 22.5bc 2.7f 0.58 g 49.9b 84.3a 110.1f
Mean 74.1 31.6 4.4 0.93 63.4 73.7 124.8
LSD (5%) 11.4 9.8 0.96 0.09 9.2 6.7 2.1
CV (%) 8.9 17.9 12.63 5.96 8.4 5.2 0.95
  1. Means followed by the same letter within a column are not significantly different at 5% probability level