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Table 3 Genetic gain per year in the breeding objective and its component traits achieved from selection using four alternative Gumz sheep breeding schemes

From: Conservation-based breeding program design for genetic improvement in Gumz sheep in the western lowlands of Ethiopia

  Village-based schemes Central nucleus-based scheme
Scheme-1 Scheme-2 Scheme-3 Scheme-4
Breeding objectivea 5.71 6.31 12.29 12.37
SWT (kg) 0.154 0.171 0.334 0.336
LTS 0.0017 0.0018 0.0036 0.0036
PWS 0.0015 0.0016 0.0029 0.0029
  1. aThe annual monetary genetic gains for the breeding objective were calculated as a sum of the products of the respective genetic gains and economic weights of the component traits (SWT: six-month weight, MWT mature weight, LTS litter size and PWS pre-weaning survival)