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Table 1 Description of wealth status grouping criteria generalized based on farmers’ perspectives in the mixed crop–livestock system, central highlands of Ethiopia

From: Evaluation of livestock feed balance under mixed crop–livestock production system in the central highlands of Ethiopia

No. Criteria Wealth categories
Better-off Medium Poor
1 Cropland holding (ha) >1.50 1–2.5 0.25–1.5
2 Number of ploughing oxen >2 ≥2 ≤1
3 Number of milking cows (local and crossbreds) >2 most of crossbreds At least 2, few crossbreds <2 and usually local breeds
4 Number of sheep (adults) 10–50 or more 5–20 ≤10
5 Number of equines (adults) A mule, a horse and donkeys At least horse and donkeys No mule & horse may be donkey
6 Roof of houses
 Corrugated iron sheet Yes Yes (often) No
 Grass thatched Yes Yes Yes
7 Annual food production and supply to sustain household Enough with more surplus Enough but meagre surplus Not enough, in need of support