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Table 5 Effects of rhizobium, organic and inorganic amendments on yield parameters

From: Yield of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) as affected by lime, mineral P, farmyard manure, compost and rhizobium in acid soil of Lay Gayint District, northwestern highlands of Ethiopia

Treatments Pod per plant Grain per pod TBY (kg ha−1) Grain yield (kg ha−1) Straw yield (kg ha−1) TSW (g)
Control 3.4gh 2.0c 1910f 873i 1037de 357 h
8 t compost ha−1 4.2efgh 2.0c 2653ef 985gh 1668cd 437fgh
8 t FYM ha−1 4.6efgh 2.3bc 3072de 1223fgh 1849bcd 515cdef
30 kg P ha−1 2.6h 1.0d 1770f 843i 927e 402gh
7.2 t lime ha−1 4.1fgh 2.3bc 2930de 1153efg 1777cd 465efg
30 kg P ha−1 + 7.2 t lime ha−1 7.2abcd 3.3ab 3492abcd 1457bcde 2035bc 562abcd
8 t compost ha−1 + 3.6 t lime ha−1 5.7defg 3.0abc 3170cde 1447bcde 1723bcd 502def
8 t FYM ha−1 + 3.6 t lime ha−1 8.4abc 3.0abc 3651abcd 1384cde 2267abc 543bcde
30 kg P ha−1 + 3.6 t lime ha−1 4.4efgh 3.3ab 3290bcde 1283def 2007bc 507def
8 t compost ha−1 + 30 kg P ha−1 + 3.6 t lime ha−1 7.7abcd 3.0abc 3597abcd 1402cde 2195abc 562abcd
8 t FYM ha−1 + 30 kg P ha−1 + 3.6 t lime ha−1 9.2a 3.0abc 4431a 1625abc 2904a 631ab
4 t compost ha−1 + 15 kg P ha−1 + 7.2 t lime ha−1 8.6abc 3.0abc 3439bcde 1404cde 2035bc 563abcd
4 t FYM ha−1 + 15 kg P ha−1 + 7.2 t lime ha−1 8.1abcd 3.6a 4088abc 1769a 2319abc 650a
4 t FYM ha−1 +15 kg P ha−1 + 3.6 t lime ha−1 8.9ab 3.6a 3860abcd 1648ab 2212abc 642a
4 t compost ha−1 +15 kg P ha−1 + 3.6 t lime ha−1 8.9ab 3.0abc 3162cde 1421bcde 1741bcd 561abcd
30 kg P ha−1 + 7.2 t ha−1 lime + rhizobium 6.6bcde 3.3ab 3375bcde 1418bcde 1957bc 584abcd
8 t ha−1 compost + 30 kg ha−1 P + 3.6 t ha−1 lime + rhizobium 7.3abcd 3.3ab 3404bcde 1386cde 2018bc 603abc
8 t ha−1 FYM + 30 kg P ha−1 + 3.6 t ha−1 lime + rhizobium 8.7ab 3.3ab 4165ab 1526bcd 2540ab 619ab
4 t FYM ha−1 +15 kg ha−1 P + 3.6 t lime ha−1 + rhizobium 4.3efgh 3.3ab 3375bcde 1421bcde 1954cd 590abcd
Rhizobium only 3.6gh 2.3bc 2641ef 1044ghi 1597cde 431fgh
CV (%) 20.6 19.4 15.5 9.4 21.1 8.6
  1. Means within a column followed by the same letter are not significantly different at P ≥ 0.05
  2. CV Coefficient of variation, TSW thousand seed weight