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Table 2 Selected physical and chemical properties of the experimental soil

From: Yield of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) as affected by lime, mineral P, farmyard manure, compost and rhizobium in acid soil of Lay Gayint District, northwestern highlands of Ethiopia

Parameter Value
Sand (%) 22
Silt (%) 31
Clay (%) 47
Textural class Clay
Bulk density (g cm−3) 1.25
pH (H2O) 5.1
Exchangeable Ca2+ (cmolc kg−1) 8.18
Exchangeable Mg2+ (cmolc kg−1) 3.40
Exchangeable K+ (cmolc kg−1) 0.41
Exchangeable Na+ (cmolc kg−1) 0.18
Cation exchange capacity (cmolc kg−1) 35.2
Exchangeable acidity (cmolc kg−1) 3.84
Exchangeable Al3+ (cmolc kg−1) 1.52
Organic C (%) 1.41
Total N (%) 0.11
Olsen P (mg kg−1) 6.24