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Table 5 Constraints in order of importance and coping strategies

From: Assessment of production and marketing constraints and value chain of sweet potato in the municipalities of Dangbo and Bonou

Constraints Adaptive strategies Rank % farmers
Climate hazards (flood and submergence) Temporary abandonment of fields 1 39
Absence of modern’s equipment for production Use of available means and materials of production 2 20
Lack of adequate methods for pests management Use of chemical products intended to market gardening to reduce pest damage 3 10
Scarcity and expensiveness of labor Use of family workforce, labor and mutual aid 4 8
Toughness of activities High use of labor 5 7.5
Absence of best storage methods for a long time Immediate sale of tubers after harvest 6 6
Inexistence of road system for tubers transport to the market Using pirogue to transport sweet potatoes 7 5.5
Slump in sales during harvest of tubers Early harvest of tubers and choice of short-cycle varieties (Vobodouaho et minché) 8 3
Lack of training and aid to the members of their associations and from agricultural extension agents Use of traditional practice for the production 9 1