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Table 3 Socio-economic analysis of the main non-climatic predictors of crop yields in Uganda

From: The determinants of crop yields in Uganda: what is the role of climatic and non-climatic factors?

  Forest area Wood fuel Tractors
Agents About 36 million people local and national population, foreign companies 70–80% of the local population More than 4000 in 2014
Location The eastern shoulders of the rift valley, northern shores of Lake Victoria, isolated montane forests in the north and east Forest zones of the south-west, east of Uganda and patches in the north and north-east All over the country
Products Wood fuel, pulp, timber, lumber Firewood, charcoal, wood pellets and wood ash, bricks and tiles Used to: harvest, plant, till the soil and transport crops
Production Small scale, large scale, manual and mechanized Large and small scale, manual, mechanized By foreign companies
Markets Internally, East African region, internationally Locally and nationally All over the country