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Table 5 Chi-square (χ2) value for attitudes measuring statements towards biotechnological products

From: Attitude and consumption of Bangladeshi professionals toward biotechnological products

Sl. no# Statements Chi-square (χ2) value with 88 d.f.
+ 1. In Bangladesh, all soybean oils are GM (from herbicide-resistant soybean plant) 7.44*
− 2. GM crops will lead to reductions in biodiversity in environment 40.33*
+ 3. Bt brinjal will be helpful to reduce the attack of brinjal shoot and fruit borer 88.59*
− 4. Biotech product modification will decrease the natural flavour and taste of food 44.33*
+ 5. Biotechnology is superior to classical breeding for new variety development 37.56*
− 6. The promotion of biotech products is due to the greed and self-interest of private companies 17.45*
+ 7. Gene therapy can be used for the correction of hereditary disease such as diabetics 68.79*
− 8. By eating golden rice, a person’s genes could be modified 69.22*
− 9. Transgenic animals in agricultural production systems show relatively inefficient production rate 51.89*
+ 10. Bt cotton will be helpful to make the cotton useful for human consumption of cotton oil by removing toxicity 42.56*
  1. *5% level of significance