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Table 8 Comparison between pasteurization and sterilization [74, 75]

From: A review on mechanisms and commercial aspects of food preservation and processing

Criteria Pasteurization Sterilization
Temperature level Mild heat treatment process. Temperature level 65–75 °C (exception: UHT) Severe heat treatment process. 135–140 °C and up to 150 °C are applied
Status of heat-resisting microorganisms Many heat-resisting microorganisms, viruses, and spores may remain alive Bacteria species, spores, and thermophiles
Change in nutritional capacity and profile Negligible Fats, protein, and sugar may decompose; calcium, minerals, and vitamins may escape
Storage Refrigerated conditions Ambient temperature
Product parameter (pH) 3.5 < pH < 4.6 pH > 4.6
Shelf life extension For few days to weeks For months