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Table 3 Active conditions of different microorganisms and affected foods [10, 29,30,31,32]

From: A review on mechanisms and commercial aspects of food preservation and processing

Microorganisms Active condition Affected foods
pH Temperature Water activity Heat sensitivity
Molds 3.0–8.0 Grow across a wide range of temperature 0.62–1.0 Heat sensitive Bottled mineral water, fermented foods
Yeasts Grow around a broad range of acidic pH Grow across a wide range of temperature, but prefer natural ambient temperature Above 0.9 Heat resistant and can survive under scorching sunlight Fermented foods
Bacteria Broad pH range Prefer growth at high temperature (≥55 °C) Above 0.9 for gram positive and above 0.98 for gram negative Mostly thermophiles Fresh meat, poultry, sea food, eggs, and heat-treated foods