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Table 6 Constraints encountered by pigeonpea farmers and coping strategies

From: Pigeonpea [(Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.)] production system, farmers’ preferred traits and implications for variety development and introduction in Benin

Departments/municipalities Constraints (ranked from main important to less important) Coping strategies developed by
Collines (Savalou, Glazoué and Ouèssè) Difficulty to harvest Hired labor and mutual aid
Production negatively affected by high rainfall Left with no option
Lack of financial resource Left with no option
Zou (Zagnanado and Djidja) Difficulty to harvest Hired Labor
Difficulty for threshing Hired Labor
Lack of financial resource to implement agricultural operations Atcholou” mutual aid to carry out cultivation operations
Insects attack Left with no option
Plateau (Pobè an Ketou) Low yield Left with no option
Lack of financial resource to carry out at appropriate time production activities Left with no option
Non-availability of quality seed Reuse of saved seed
Difficulty to have access to market Left with no option
Couffo Lack of quality seed (low rate of germination) Reuse of saved seed
Low yield Purchase cultivars of CARDER variety (a variety introduced by extension service)
Insect attack on flowers and seeds Use of insecticides