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Table 1 Biophysical characteristics of the surveyed areas. Adapted from [23, 24]

From: Pigeonpea [(Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.)] production system, farmers’ preferred traits and implications for variety development and introduction in Benin

Agroecological zones and selected municipalities Climate Main soil type Range of average annual rainfall
North Zone V: Ouèssè, Glazoué, Savalou, Djidja Sudano-guinean with unimodal rainfall regime Ferruginous 1100–1300 mm
South Zone V: Ketou, and Aplahoué Guinean with bimodal rainfall regime Ferruginous 1100–1300 mm
Zone VI : Klouékanmey and Zagnanado Guinean with bimodal rainfall regime Ferruginous 800–1400 mm
Zone VII: Lalo and Pobè Guinean two bimodal rainfall regime Vertisol 1100–11,400 mm