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Table 1 Distribution of sampled households by Weredas and Kebeles

From: The contribution of Productive Safety Net Program for food security of the rural households in the case of Bale Zone, Southeast Ethiopia

Wereda Agro-ecology zone Total number of beneficiaries of PSNP Total number of households Number of sample households taken from the Wereda Name of the kebeles Number of samples taken from the kebeles
Gololcha Dega 8993 1124 76 Dinsa 25
Buniya 25
Gofa 26
Goro Weinadega 7910 847 68 Kaku 23
Bili AKiya 23
Goro Rayya 22
Saweyna Kola 32,567 6636 276 Gale 92
Biliso 92
Arda Galma 92
Total beneficiary households 49,470 8607 420    
Total number of sampled households taken from the Zone: 420