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Table 1 Public and private seed sources providing ToLCD-resistant tomato varieties for inclusion in the West African tomato variety trials 2005–2008

From: Connecting smallholder tomato producers to improved seed in West Africa

Organization Location
AVRDC—The World Vegetable Center Shanhua, Taiwan
CIRAD—French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development Guadeloupe
De Ruiter Seeds Group B.V. Bergschenhoek, The Netherlands
Enza Zaden Benelux B.V. Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
Gentropic—Semillas Tropicales Sacatepéquez, Guatemala
Harris Moran Seed Company Inc. Modesto, CA, USA
Hazera Genetics Ltd. Shikmim, Israel
Hebrew University of Jerusalem Jerusalem, Israel
Nunhems B.V. Haelen, The Netherlands
Seminis Inc. St. Louis, MO, USA
Soli Ltd. Kiryat Malachi, Israel
Syngenta AG Basel, Switzerland
Takii & Co., Ltd. Kyoto, Japan
Tropicasem Dakar, Senegal
University of Florida Gainesville, FL, USA
Agricultural Research Organization of Israel—Volcani Center Bet Dagan Israel