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Table 3 Household food insecurity SaTScan spatial analysis identified clusters in East Gojjam Zone, Amhara Regional state, Ethiopia, 2015

From: Spatial variations of household food insecurity in East Gojjam Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia: implications for agroecosystem-based interventions

Cluster Identified kebeles Agroecosystem Coordinate/radius LLR P value
1 S/Mariam, Abazazi and Zelen Hilly and mountainous highlands (10.57N, 37.82E)/3.53 km 11.64 0.008
2 Mushrit Dengaye Lowlands of Abay valley (10.16N, 38.25E)/1.73 km 8.218 0.025
3 Kurar, Gelgele and Minejena Lowlands of Abay valley (10.11N, 38.15E)/3.21 km 5.983 0.898
4 Desse Asame Abo Midland plains with brown soil (10.32N, 37.58E)/0.42 km 5.973 0.958
5 Tegoderi Hilly and mountainous highlands (10.63N, 37.75E)/0.41 km 5.545 0.993
5 Goffichima Midland plains with red soil (10.33N, 37.37E)/0.49 km 5.545 0.993
6 Yegodena Midland plains with black soil (10.24N, 38.02E)/0.75 km 5.517 0.993
7 Teden Lowlands of Abay valley (10.15N, 38.11E)/0.33 km 5.198 0.995