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Table 1 Description of genotypes used in the study

From: Genotype by environment effects on promiscuous nodulation in soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill)

Genotypes Pedigree Released Current use status Source
Nam2 TGM 79 1992 Parental line NARO, Uganda
MakSoy 3N Gc00138-29 × Duiker 2010 Commercial Mak, Uganda
NamSoy 4M Nam2 × Gc00138-29 2004 Commercial NARO, Uganda
NamSoy 3 Kabanyolo I × Nam I 1995 Parental line NARO, Uganda
MakSoy 2N MakSoy 1N × Duiker 2008 Commercial Mak, Uganda
MakSoy 5N Nam2 × Gc00138-29 2013 Commercial Mak, Uganda
Kabanyolo I Mutant of Clark 63 Parental line Mak, Uganda
WonderSoya Parental line IITA
Bulindi 48C Mak, Uganda
Soprano Zimbabwe
K-local Uganda
UG5 Uganda
  1. NARO National Agricultural Research Organization, MAK Makerere University, IITA International Institute for Tropical Agriculture