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Table 2 Other variables used to compare CSP users and non- users, in terms of asset ownership, potato production, and utilization

From: Productivity and food security effects of using of certified seed potato: the case of Kenya’s potato farmers

Variables Description of variable
market Distance to the nearest market in walking minutes
dependency Ratio of household members below 15 years or above 64 years of age to the working age members (15–64 years)
livestock_asset Value of livestock assets (USD)
cult_land Total cultivated land (ha) owned by the farmer
uncult_land Total uncultivated land (ha) owned by the farmer
seed_purchase Value of seed (USD/ha) purchased by the farmer
folier_feed Value of foliar feed (USD/ha) purchased by the farmer
manure Value of manure (USD/ha) purchased by the farmer
ware_potatosale Amount of ware potato sold (kg/ha)
seed_potatosale Seed potato sales (kg/ha)
income_potato Income received from potato (USD/ha)