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Table 2 Effects of contour ridge tillage on the production of millet varieties in Cinzana commune, Mali

From: Optimizing yield of improved varieties of millet and sorghum under highly variable rainfall conditions using contour ridges in Cinzana, Mali

    Mean values and comparisons
Year Conservation technique Variety Variety Technique Variety × technique
a. Grain yield (kg ha−1)      
2012 CRT Syn 006 1094a 963a  
   Toronion (local) 831b   
  Control Syn 006 641c 602b  
   Toronion (local) 563c   
SE    45.6   
Probability value    0.002 0.001 0.029
CRT yield increase     301  
2013 CRT Syn 006 1837a 1735a  
   Toronion (local) 1497a   
   Soxat 1871a   
  Control Syn 006 1063a 1113b  
   Toronion (local) 1280a   
   Soxat 997a   
SE    309.4   
Probability value    0.97 0.002 0.125
CRT yield increase     622  
2014 CRT Toroniou 1716a 1585a  
   Soxat 1646a   
   Boboni (local) 1166b   
   HKP 1811a   
  Control Toroniou 1064b 1017b  
   Soxat 1009b   
   HKP 1105b   
   Boboni (local) 891b   
SE    102.9   
Probability value    0.001 0.001 0.002
CRT yield increase     568  
    Mean values and comparisons
Year Technique Varieties Variety Technique Variety × technique
b. Straw dry mass (kg ha−1)      
2012 CRT Syn 006 4048a a  
   Toronion (local) 3238a   
  Control Syn 006 3048a a  
   Toronion (local) 2476a   
SE    404   
Probability    0.611 0.641 0.691
CRT yield increase     881  
2013 CRT Syn 006 3514a a  
   Toronion (local) 2886a   
   Soxat 4314a   
  Control Syn 006 2200a b  
   Toronion (local) 2657a   
   Soxat 2514a   
SE    524   
Probability    0.270 0.001 0.148
CRT yield increase     1114  
2014 CRT Toroniou 7389a a  
   Soxat 7034ab   
   Boboni (local) 6112b   
   HKP 7563a   
  Control Toroniou 4460c b  
   Soxat 4530c   
   HKP 4588c   
   Boboni (local) 4460c   
SE    312   
Probability    0.01 0.001 0.001
CRT yield increase     2654  
  1. NB For a given year, values with different letters are statistically different at P = 0.05. Column means represent tillage techniques and row means the varieties. SE standard error of the mean