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Table 8 List of variables intervention of fish post-harvest loss

From: Assessment of fish post-harvest losses in Tekeze dam and Lake Hashenge fishery associations: northern Ethiopia

Variables (n = 254) No. (%)
How do you overcome loss
 Decrease production when refrigerators are full, Good arrangements and management of refrigerators 140 (55.1)
 I don’t know, not solved still now 39 (15.4)
 By increasing number of refrigerators and by using generator 32 (12.6)
 Reach on time to refrigerators 28 (11)
 I didn’t face post-harvest loss 15 (5.9)
Describe how you and people in your area have tried to reduce fish post-harvest losses
 By quickly reaching to storage area and refrigerated immediately, by controlling refrigerators and separate the spoiled and healthy once, by reducing production and by adding refrigerators 135 (53.2)
 By communicating each other, giving assignments and responsibilities, by accomplishing our operations early in the morning and doing in cool and shady area, reducing exposure of the harvest from high temperature and by keeping the meat clean, no more sleep after deploying the net, operate quickly 75 (29.5)
 By increasing human power during highest production time 5 (2)
 I don’t know, no change yet, no means yet 37 (14.6)