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Table 7 List of variables related: knowledge, attitude and handling practice (KAP) of the society about fish post-harvest losses

From: Assessment of fish post-harvest losses in Tekeze dam and Lake Hashenge fishery associations: northern Ethiopia

Variables (n = 254) No. (%)
Do you have regular time of setting, checking and hauling (removing) the fishing nets?
 Yes 163 (64.2)
 No 91 (35.8)
How do you keep your fish cool during processing (filleting and gutting) in your working area (fishing ground)
 In shady area(under tree, under caves) or using woods and clothes 168 (66.1)
 In cool area/air of night, early morning and well-ventilated areas 76 (29.9)
 By putting in sacks or jerry cans 6 (2.4)
 Nothing 4 (1.6)
How do you keep your fish cool during transport?
 In the jerry cans by covering them with sack/inside sacks 138 (54.3)
 Putting under the boats chair which is cool and shady or ventilated area 93 (36.6)
 Both 11 (4.3)
 No means 12 (4.7)
Do you wash your fish after harvest?
 Yes 107 (42.1)
 No 147 (57.9)
How long are you involved in fishing/fish trading?
 1–3 years 206 (81)
 4–7 years 38 (15)
 >7 years 10 (4)
Have you received any training on fish quality?
 Yes 51 (20.1)
 No 203 (79.9)
Do you observe any change in your fish during harvest?
 Yes 246 (96.9)
 No 8 (3.1)