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Table 4 Characteristics of bean cultivars evaluated in PPB trials during 2011–2012 in Northern Province, Rwanda

From: Farmer knowledge identifies a competitive bean ideotype for maize–bean intercrop systems in Rwanda

Characteristics Genotypes
Gasilida RWV 3006 RWV 2070 RWV 3316 Ngwinurare FarmMix
Farmer name Gasilida Umweru Kaki Umutuku Ngwinurare Imvange
Release date 2010 2012 2010 2012 1991 N/A
Germplasm Improved landrace Improved Improved Improved Improved landrace Mixture of landraces
Days to maturity 93 120 110 110 93 90-105
Seed color Purple White Beige Red Kidney Mix
100-seed weight (g) 48.3 52.0 53.6 52.0 49.2 46.9
Flower color Pink white White Pink Pink Pink Purple pink white
Yield (mt/ha−1) 4.25 3.8 4.25 4.0 4.24 Variable
Disease resistance Anthrac-nose, root rot, rust Anthrac-nose, root rot, BCMV Anthrac-nose, root rot, BCMV Anthrac-nose, root rot, BCMV Root rot, BCMV Unknown
Fe (ppm) 65 73* 65 95* 65 Unknown
  1. Source is official release information from the Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB)
  2. CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture
  3. * These varieties are considered biofortified with Fe and Zn