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Table 1 Sampling location, year of sampling, mutated oat lines, and fertilizer application rates of Belinda oat cultivars

From: Identification of discrepancies in grain quality and grain protein composition through avenin proteins of oat after an effort to increase protein content

Swedish field (in different years)—group I Green house (in different years)—group II Provinces from China—group III Mutated oat lines—group IV Fertilizer used N (kg/ha)—group V
Oat cultivars of Belinda collected from
2009 2011 Baicheng M#1 60
2010 2012 Inner Mongolia M#2 100
2011 2013 Qinghai M#3 120
2012 2014 Hebei M#4 120 + 60a
2013 2015 Shanxi M#5 120 + 120a
  1. M: mutated, followed by number indicates mutant line
  2. aSplit application of nitrogen—dividing total nitrogen application into two or more treatments