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Table 2 Economically important plants attacked by phasmids (by geography)

From: The worldwide status of phasmids (Insecta: Phasmida) as pests of agriculture and forestry, with a generalised theory of phasmid outbreaks

Continent Country Locality Host plant Species References
Asia China Guangdong Province Castanopsis fissa Micadina yingdensis [119]
   Jilin Province Unknown Ramulus minutidentatus [123]
    Tilia mandshurica Ramulus minutidentatus [136]
   Shaanxi Province Various Ramulus pingliense [9]
   Gansu Province Fagus sp.
Rosa domestica
Ramulus pingliense [4]
   Guangxi Autonomous Region Castanopsis cuspidata
Castanopsis hicklii
Sinophasma maculicruralis,
Sinophasma pseudomirabile
   Hubei Province Orange orchards
(241 hectares, loss of over 2100 tons of fruit)
Unknown [115]
  India Thenmala, Kerala, Western Ghats Black Pepper
Piper nigrum
Sipyloidea stigmata [18]
  Malay Peninsular   “Gutta-percha” Lonchodes brevipes [135]
  Philippines   Gabing San Fernando
Xanthosoma sagittifolia
Eubulides taylori [106]
Mangifera indica
Trachyaretaon echinatus
Pharnacia magdiwang
Psidium guajava
Trachyaretaon echinatus
Rhamphosipyloidea philippa
Pharnacia magdiwang
Pandanus sp.
Megacrania batesi (?) [106]
Gardenia jasminoides
Mnesilochus mindanaense [106]
Canarium ovatum
Pharnacia ponderosa [106]
Terminalia microcarpa
Pharnacia ponderosa [106]
Casuarina equisetifolia
Phasmotaenia elongata [106]
  Solomon Islands   Coconut
Cocos nucifera
Ophicrania leveri [26]
North America USA Wisconsin Montmorency sour cherry
Prunus cerasus
Diapheromera femorata [44]
   West Virginia Black Locust
Robinia pseudoacacia
Celtis sp.
Diapheromera femorata [74]
   New York Black, red and chestnut-oaks Diapheromera femorata [65]
   New York Locust Diapheromera femorata [66]
   Michigan Oaks Diapheromera femorata [70]
   Iowa Hazel, oak Diapheromera femorata [24]
South America Colombia El Tambo Pinis patula Libethroidea inusitata [126]
Oceania Australia South-East Eucalyptus spp. Didymuria violescens [7]
    Eucalyptus spp. Podacanthus wilkinsoni [7]
   New South Wales   Anchiale austrotesselata [48]
   near Brisbane   Anchiale austrotessulata [88]
  Cook Islands Atiu Coconut
Cocos nucifera
Graeffea crouanii [47]
  Fiji   Coconut
Cocos nucifera
Graeffea crouanii [46, 94, 95]
     Hermarchus pythonius [95]
    Miscanthus floridulus Graeffea crouanii [97]
  Micronesia Tonga Pandanus tectorius Graffea crouanii [25]
  Papua New Guinea Northern (Oro) Province, Higaturu
Northern (Oro) Province, Saiho Division (Tunana)
“Oil palm” Eurycantha insularis [114]
   West New Britain, Malilimi Plantation (New Britain Palm Oil) “Oil palm” Eurycantha calcarata [112]
  Samoa   Cocos nucifera Graeffea minor [130]
  Samoa   Cocos nucifera Graeffea crouanii [93]
  1. Check all host plant reports are in here and vice versa
  2. Question mark indicates potential ambiguities that are discussed in the text in the case of Phasmid species. In the case of plant species they are the likely scientific name based on vernacular names given in the reference