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Table 1 Plants of economic importance attacked by Phasmids

From: The worldwide status of phasmids (Insecta: Phasmida) as pests of agriculture and forestry, with a generalised theory of phasmid outbreaks

Plant family Plant species Species Locality References
Anacardiaceae Mangifera indica Trachyaretaon echinatus Philippines [106]
   Pharnacia magdiwang Philippines [106]
Araceae Xanthosoma sagittifolia Eubulides taylori Philippines [106]
Arecaceae Cocos nucifera Graffea crouanii Fiji [46, 95]
    Tonga [25]
    Samoa (Upolu Island) [93]
    Micronesia: Pohnpei; American Samoa [133]
    Pacific Islands: Caroline; Marquesas; Vanuatu; New Caledonia [134]
   Acanthograeffea denticulata Micronesia [133]
   Acanthograefeea modesta Micronesia: Chuuk [133]
   Graeffea minor Samoa [130]
   Graeffea lifuensis Loyalty Islands [102]
   Ophicrania leveri Solomon Islands [26]
   Hermarchus pythonius Fiji [95]
   Graeffea seychellensis (check PSF) Seychelles [102]
   Graeffea liuensis Loyalty Islands [102]
  “Oil palm” Eurycantha insularis Papua New Guinea
Northern (Oro) Province
   Eurycantha calcarata Papua New Guinea
West New Britain
Burseraceae Canarium ovatum Pharnacia ponderosa Philippines [106]
Cannabaceae Celtis sp. Diapheromera femorata USA: Wisconsin [74]
Casuarinaceae Casuarina equisetifolia Phasmotaenia elongata Philippines [106]
Combretaceae Terminalia microcarpa Pharnacia ponderosa Philippines [106]
Cupressaceae Cuprous funebris Baculonistria alba China: Sichuan [117]
    China: Yangtze River, Three Gorges Area Chongqing Guowei [115]
Euphorbiaceae Alueites fordii Baculonistria alba China: Sichuan [117]
  Sapium sebiferum Baculonistria alba China: Sichuan [117]
Fabaceae Robinia pseudoacacia Diapheromera femorata USA: Wisconsin [74]
    USA: New York [66]
Fagaceae Castanopsis fissa Micadina yingdensis China: Guangdong [119]
  Castanopsis cuspidata Castanopsis hicklii Sinophasma maculicruralis and Sinophasma pseudomirabile China: Guangxi Region: Bobai County [4]
  Cyclobalanopsis sp. Baculonistria alba China: Sichuan [117]
  Quercus liaotungensis Ramulus chongzinense China: Gansu Province: Chingxin and Huating Counties [120]
  Carpinus cordata Ramulus chingzinense China: Gansu Province: Chingxin and Huating Counties [120]
  Fagus sp. Ramulus pingliense China: Gansu Province: Wenxian County [4]
Juglandaceae Platycarya strobilacea Baculonistria alba China: Sichuan [117]
  Platycarya orientalis Baculoinstria alba China: Sichuan [117]
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus spp.
Various species are valuable timber trees (Rentz 1996)
Didymuria violescens Australia: New South Wales, Victoria [7, 27]
   Podacanthus wilkinsoni Australia [7]
  Psidium guajava Trachyaretaon echinatus Philippines [106]
   Rhamphosipyloidea philippa Philippines [106]
   Pharnacia magdiwang Philippines [106]
   Pharnacia ponderosa Philippines [106]
Pandanaceae Pandanus tectorius Graffea crouanii Micronesia: Tonga [25]
  Pandanus sp. Megacrania batesi (?) Philippines: Capiz Province [106]
   Acanthograeffea denticulata Micronesia: Marianas [133]
Pinaceae Pinus patula Libethroidea inusitata Colombia [126]
Piperaceae Piper nigrum Sipyloidea stigmata India: Western Ghats [18]
Poaceae Miscanthus floridulus Graffea crouanii Fiji [97]
  Zea mays Baculonistria alba China: Sichuan [117]
Rosaceae Prunus cerasus Diapheromera femorata USA: West Virginia [44]
  Prunus domestica Ramulus pingliense China: Gansu Province: Wenxian County [4]
Rubiaceae Gardenia jasminoides Mnesilochus mindanaense Philippines [106]
Salicaceae Salix heilophilia Baculonistria alba China: Sichuan [117]
Sapotaceae Palaquium sp. (?) Lonchodes brevipes Malay Peninsular [135]
Solanaceae Solanum tuberosum Baculonistria alba China: Sichuan [117]
  1. Question marks indicate potential ambiguities that are discussed in the text in the case of Phasmid species. In the case of plant species they are the likely scientific name based on vernacular names given in the reference