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Table 6 Effects of NREGA on agricultural and non-agricultural households

From: The interplay between household food security and wellbeing among small-scale farmers in the context of rapid agrarian change in India

Household type N Monthly income (INR) Wellbeing index
 No off-farm 26 2936a 21.7a
 NREGA 16 4979a,b 23.3a,b
 Non-NREGA off-farm 9 4167a,c 22.3c
 NREGA 7 2393b,c,d 18.0a,b,c,d
 Non-NREGA off-farm 10 4250a,c,d 23.4d
  1. a,b,c,dStatistical means with the same letter in the same column are significantly different at 0.05 level (one-way ANOVA)