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Table 5 Seasonal evaporation, transpiration, crop water use and seed yields in the two seasons

From: Crop water productivity and economic evaluation of drip-irrigated soybeans (Glyxine max L. Merr.)

Treatment label SEP (mm) STP (mm) SET (mm) Δ SET Δ Yield Yield (t ha−1)
 1. T1111 114d 409a 523a 0.00 0.00 3.11a
 2. T0111 150c 313c 463d 0.11 0.09 2.82a
 3. T1011 165ab 315c 480c 0.08 0.25 2.32ab
 4. T1101 160ab 217d 465d 0.11 0.42 1.81b
 5. T1110 158b 337b 495b 0.05 0.32 2.31ab
 1. T1111 284b 223a 507a 0.00 0.00 1.52a
 2. T0111 324a 157b 481b 0.05 0.28 1.09ab
 3. T1011 316a 138c 454d 0.11 0.19 1.24a
 4. T1101 336a 28d 364e 0.28 0.54 0.70b
 5. T1110 327a 140c 467c 0.08 0.23 1.17ab
  1. Seasonal evaporation of water from soil (SEP), Seasonal transpiration (STP), Seasonal crop water use (SET); difference between SET and seed yield for FI and each of other treatments (Δ). Means of the yields, SEP, STP, SET and yield with the same letter are not significantly (P > 0.05) different at 5% level based on Duncan multiple comparison of means.