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Table 2 Primary (foreground) and secondary (background) data items

From: Potential environmental and population health impacts of local urban food systems under climate change: a life cycle analysis case study of lettuce and chicken

Foreground data Background data (from databasesa)
Product produced: description and amount Electricity: production and distribution
Co-products: description and amount Cars and trucks for transport
Land use: area of land used for production, co-uses, provision of any cultural services Tractors and other machinery in production
Energy use: amount and source of electricity, petrol fuels, gas Fertilizers and pesticides: manufacture of
Water use: amount and source of water Wheat, canola and soya: production of
Material use: type, amount and source of other materials, such as pesticides, fertilizers, feed City water supply
Wastes: type of waste and method of disposal Waste to landfill
Application of food and worker safety measures Manure management
Transport used in production Other
  1. aAustralasian Unit Process Database and databases available in SimaPro version 7.3.3 software.