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Table 2 Quantitative reviews and meta-analyses of pollination and biological control selected for this review

From: Pollination and biological control research: are we neglecting two billion smallholders

  Author Theme Total studies* Agricultural studies
Pollination Ricketts et al. [58] Distance to natural habitat 22 22
Winfree et al. [39] Disturbance 50 27
Williams et al. [59] Disturbance 21 11
Garibaldi et al. [29] Isolation from natural habitat 29 29
Garibaldi et al. [53] Crop pollination by insects 43 43
Kennedy et al. [50] Local and landscape effects 34 34
Shackelford et al. [22] Local and landscape complexity 19 19
Unique studies (n)   115 88
Biological control Letourneau et al. [60] Natural enemy diversity 63 30
Chaplin-Kramer et al. [61]** Landscape complexity 45 44
Veres et al. [25] Landscape complexity 25 24
Shackelford et al. [22] Local and landscape complexity 28 28
Unique studies (n)   138 102
  1. *The number of studies we present may differ with those presented by a review as some combined studies from different years at the same location into single entries. These were spilt for the purposes of this review. Other quantitative reviews (QRs) split single studies into multiple entries when more than one crop was investigated. Here we consider them as a single study.
  2. **46 studies were used in this review but one PhD thesis (O’Rourke, 2010) was omitted due to lack of access.