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Table 11 List of marketable underutilized wild edible plants in the Chilga District, northwestern Ethiopia

From: Underutilized wild edible plants in the Chilga District, northwestern Ethiopia: focus on wild woody plants

Species name Parts marketed Unit Mean pricea Number of respondents Seller groupb Market category Rank
Carisa spinarum F cup 0.83 6 younger D 10
Corchorus olitorius L handful 2.2 10 all D 8
Diospryos mesiliformis F cup 0.91 46 younger D 2
Diospyros abyssinica F cup 0.8 27 younger’s D 6
Ficus sur F cup 0.63 2 younger D 12
Hibiscus cannabinus Se cup 4.33 3 adult Exp 11
Mimusops Kummel F cup 1 45 younger D 3
Saba comorensis F number 0.7 35 all D 4
Syzygium guineense F cup 1 64 younger's D 1
Tamarindus indica Se kg 5.6 21 all Exp 7
Ximenia Americana F cup 0.95 33 younger D 5
Ziziphus spina- christi F cup 0.7 9 younger D 9
  1. F, fruit; Se, seed; L, leaf; L, local market; Exp, exported to other countries; a, Ethiopian birr (ETB); b, local classification of below 18-years old as younger and from 18- to 30-years of age as adult; Ranks were given by number of respondents.