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Table 3 Selected publications presenting constraints to home gardening

From: Home gardens: a promising approach to enhance household food security and wellbeing

Constraint References
Limited access to agricultural inputs such as seeds, planting material, tools, and capital Brownrigg [21]; Niñez [83]; Talukder et al. [72]; Fernandes and Nair [46]
Shortage of land and lack of land tenure security Hoogerbrugge and Fresco [11]; Fernandes and Nair [46]; Jose and Shanmugaratnam [132]; Howard [104]
Inadequate access to water Thaman [133]; Niñez [83]; tho Seeth et al. [35]
Damage due to insect pests, diseases, animals, and theft Thaman [133]; Brownrigg [21]; Niñez [83]; Pandey et al. [103]
Poor environmental conditions Howard [104]; Marsh [9]
Lack of knowledge, information, and advisory services Thaman [133]; Hoogerbrugge and Fresco [11]
Shortage of family or hired labor Howard [104]; Fernandes and Nair [46]
Poor soil fertility and soil erosion Howard [104]; Thaman [133]
Limited access to quality livestock breeds Brownrigg [21]; Mitchell and Hanstad [20]
Limited marketing opportunities Howard [104]
Excessive post-harvest losses Okafor and Fernandes [30]
Inadequate research and development on home gardens Evers, et al. [134]
Social and cultural Barriers Marsh [9]; Ninez [83]; Miura et al. [135], Talukder et al. [72]
Lack of information on nutritional benefits of home gardening Miura et al. [135]; Talukder et al. [72]