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Table 2 Key emerging themes from interviewee responses

From: What is trust?: perspectives from farmers and other experts in the field of agriculture in Africa

Theme Interviewee responses per theme (%)
Integrity No harm and mischief to others 31
  Partners must behave with integrity  
  Help others, especially in times of difficulty  
  Truthful and honest in dealings with others  
  Show sincerity in interactions with others  
  Have long-established credibility  
Delivery Deliver results that are expected of you 21
  Follow through on agreed upon outputs  
  Meet appropriate deadlines  
  Good results stemming from the product and producer [of technology]  
  Agreements in place to ensure accountability  
Capability Confidence in the competency of the individual or institution 19
  Have capacity to perform role(s) effectively  
  Data provided by researchers must be science-based  
  The technology must prove effective to the end user  
Mutuality Partners must have uniform vision and objectives 14
  Partnership mutually beneficial to both parties  
  Work together cooperatively  
  Equal advantage and understanding in the partnership  
Transparency Full disclosure and discussion of issues pertaining to partnership 13
  Not keeping secrets (i.e., doing everything on the table)  
  Regular dissemination of information  
Humanitarianism Provide services on behalf of a target community 2