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Table 4 Summary of policy priority for present and future development of GM biofortified foods

From: Developing GM super cassava for improved health and food security: future challenges in Africa

Summary points
1. Engage local institutions and communities in introduction and adoption of new technology
2. Educate the public, farmers, government institutions, the media and private companies to increase understanding of GM technology through communication
3. Establish biosafety cost effective risk-benefit assessments of GMOs
4. Adapt local capacity to assess and safeguard human health and the environment upon the release of GMO products
5. Aligned support for national plans on nutrition and health issues must be clearly spelled out in government policy by the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health
6. Identify and support national agricultural research institutes and industries that focus on nutrition enhancement and improvement (for example, biofortified food)
7. Build national data resources to monitor the progress and impact of biofortified products
8. Conduct an ex-ante cost benefit analysis to identify and assess potential market opportunities for biofortified products in different regions including rural areas
9. Improve infrastructure, processing and marketing sectors for biofortified products
10. Set up well defined terms, agreements and legal structures on IPR between local seed sectors and multinational companies
11. Introduce policies that specifically target and address the underlying social, economic and political causes of undernutrition as technological solutions alone may not address the root causes of these problems.